Britta Mangold - DOP

Art addicted - marketing professional - beauty junkie - world traveller - mother - networker - consumer - seen a lot and always looked closely - with a lot of fresh enthusiasm and a penchant for challenges - authenticity paired with life experience.

Britta Mangold was born in Lübeck and spent her childhood in Ethiopia, Zuoz/Engadin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Heidelberg and Bonn. Already at a young age she recognized her passion for cinema and theatre.

Britta Mangold began her career in the art department of theater and feature film, working with well-known artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Jerome Savary, Otto Schenk and Percy Adlon. Eventually, she joined ARRI Camera Rental for a 1-year internship - as the first woman ever.

She then worked worldwide for national and international cinematographer as focus puller (1st AC).


From 1994 she worked as a cinematographer for Hollywood, among others, in Roland Emmerich's team on the miniature units of the films 13th Floor, The Patriot and 10 000 B.C. She has also worked on hundreds of commercials for many major brands.

In addition to working as a DoP for commercials, feature films and documentaries, Britta also works as a directing DoP for commercials.
Britta Mangold is a member of the network of female cinematographers (

She lives with her husband and daughter in Munich and sometimes in her old farmhouse in Niederbayern.